How To Pick The Best Flat Cap That Matches Your Style - Walker & Hawkes (2024)

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With so many varying styles of flat caps, the search to find the best flat cap that suits your style can be slightly difficult. Nonetheless, the flat cap remains an iconic fashion piece. Unlike many other fashion accessories, flat caps are not trendy pieces that go out of style in a short while. Rather, flat caps have transcended into timeless pieces for all occasions and seasons.

The uniqueness of the snug headgear is amplified by its diversity in styles that makes it suitable for everyone. From classic men to the simple modern man, the elegant flat cap is for everyone. So if you’re new to flat caps or just wanting to match them to your style, keep reading to find out your best flat cap fit. Here’s how to pick your best flat caps.

Know Your Personal Style

There is a diverse range of flat caps so in order to make your search easier, you need to understand where your taste in fashion lies. Primarily, there are five different types of flat caps to choose from. Let’s take a look at each of them to see which is for you.

  • Classic Flat Cap

Queen Elizabeth I parliament mandated the small cap with a short brim at its front to be worn on Sunday as a worker uniform for every male member. It soon became a widely popular accessory that even the upper class incorporated into their style. Due to it being the first of its kind, the flat cap is considered the classic . This classic reputation makes it the perfect fit for men who are in professional attire. Interested in getting a classic flat cap? Check out our Oakmoor Flat Cap..

  • Driving Cap

With its origin for being drivers’ caps, this flat cap is yet another piece that was used to distinguish the working class and the upper class. In recent times, driving caps are no longer associated with the working class. Rather, they are considered stylish and harbour a modern design of flat caps. Hence, this cap is best suited for the simple modern man who imbues a formal and elegant look to his style.

  • Baker Boy

If you consider the width and length of the brims of the newsboy cap as too short, then look towards a Baker Boy. This flat cap has features that resemble the newsboy but it comes with wider and longer brims to give more dimension. The extension of the sides makes the Baker boy a perfect fit for men who want the classic style with some edge. It is a relatively bolder style of flat caps. This driving cap lookalike has an extended brim and rounded crown that makes it striking yet official. This cap has a more rounded and ‘baggier’ look than a flat cap with panels joined in the centre by a button.

Want to get a baker boy cap? Check out our 8-panel Charlie Baker Boy cap.

Assess Existing Outfits in Your Wardrobe

Before shopping for flat caps, evaluate the colour schemes of clothes in your wardrobe. Even though you’re convinced of one cap style, another style of flat cap might suit your outfit more.

Consider Universal and Blendable Colours

Are you looking for neutrals and do you like patterns? Neutral colours can be matched with anything. Nonetheless, there should be a cohesive sense of colour schemes and blends that guide your purchase.

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How To Pick The Best Flat Cap That Matches Your Style - Walker & Hawkes (2024)
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