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6. UKC message board not working -

  • 27 okt 2010 · Just tried it and got this message again. The UKC Message Boards are currently down for repair. Please bear with us--they'll be back up soon ...

  • - A Site for Coonhounds and Coon Hunters. Offers Coonhound Classifieds, Coonhound Stud Dogs, Coonhound Forums, Coonhound Photo Gallery, CoonHunting, and Much More....

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8. UKC/PKC Reg.......... | GON Forum - Georgia Outdoor News

  • 6 okt 2009 · As big as UKC is in coon hunting, you would think that the dog would be ukc registered. You hardly ever see a case where a dog is pkc registered ...

  • If a dog is only PKC. reg. can you also get UKC papers also. Or can you only single reg. the dog. I know UKC will honor other kennel club papers, just didnt know about the rest???

9. UK Caving

  • NEW TO CAVING? CLICK HERE!! · NEWS, NOTICES & THE FORUM · WHERE THE CAVES ARE - The Caving Regions · TRIP REPORTS - what have you been down to? · TECHNICAL FORUMS ...

  • The UK's hub for chat and articles about all things underground!

UK Caving

10. UKC Forum upgrades |

  • UKC Forum upgrades. by Nick Smith 5th June 2007. Just added a handful of neat changes to the forums system on, including:.

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