Is Costco stock a buy or sell? (2024)

Is Costco stock a buy or sell?

COST Stock Forecast FAQ

What is the forecast for Costco stock?

Stock Price Forecast

The 25 analysts with 12-month price forecasts for Costco stock have an average target of 699.72, with a low estimate of 502 and a high estimate of 870. The average target predicts a decrease of -4.28% from the current stock price of 730.98.

Is Costco stock overvalued or undervalued?

Intrinsic Value. The intrinsic value of one COST stock under the Base Case scenario is 427.67 USD. Compared to the current market price of 733.5 USD, Costco Wholesale Corp is Overvalued by 42%. What is intrinsic value?

Why is Costco share price falling?

At the heart of the pullback was Costco's slight revenue miss for the holiday quarter, which ended in mid-February. As Barrons' Andrew Bary noted this weekend, a quarterly sales increase of 6% was hardly enough to justify the stock's lofty valuation.

What will Costco stock be worth in 10 years?

In 2030, the Costco stock will reach $ 2,033.72 if it maintains its current 10-year average growth rate. If this Costco stock prediction for 2030 materializes, COST stock will grow 178.22% from its current price.

Who is the largest shareholder of Costco?

Costco (COST) reported its earnings and declared a special cash dividend of $15 per share. Vanguard is the company's largest shareholder with ownership of 39.87 million shares. Other significant shareholders of COST stock include BlackRock (BLK) and FMR.

What is the highest Costco stock has ever been?

Costco - 38 Year Stock Price History | COST
  • The all-time high Costco stock closing price was 785.59 on March 07, 2024.
  • The Costco 52-week high stock price is 787.08, which is 7.7% above the current share price.
  • The Costco 52-week low stock price is 476.75, which is 34.8% below the current share price.

Is it a good time to buy Costco stock?

Costco has a conensus rating of Moderate Buy which is based on 20 buy ratings, 7 hold ratings and 0 sell ratings. What is Costco's price target? The average price target for Costco is $766.63. This is based on 27 Wall Streets Analysts 12-month price targets, issued in the past 3 months.

Is it a good idea to invest in Costco?

It's a distinct possibility that Costco's stock won't be able to handle its high valuation and may require some correction in the short term. But its solid business model, with high expansion opportunities leading to ever-increasing members, is a long-term tailwind that sets it up for future success.

Is Costco a good long-term stock?

Costco could be a good long-term buy -- but at its current multiple, investors are paying for a lot of future earnings growth. If you want to hang on to it for decades, then it could still be a good investment for you.

What is the 5 year forecast for Costco stock?

Costco stock price stood at $732.63

According to the latest long-term forecast, Costco price will hit $1000 by the end of 2024 and then $1100 by the middle of 2025. Costco will rise to $1300 within the year of 2026, $1500 in 2027, $1600 in 2028, $1800 in 2029 and $2000 in 2031.

How often does Costco get new stock?

Every night. Night merch crew starts in the back aisles with paper products, pet food, cleaning/laundry supplies, water and such. Morning merch starts about 3–4 am stocking the freezers, coolers, and everything else. Clothing and household items are stocked as well.

Is Costco a low risk stock?

Costco Wholesale Corp has a volatility of 1.36 and is 2.43 times more volatile than NYSE Composite. 11 of all equities and portfolios are less risky than Costco Wholesale.

Will Costco stock hit $1,000?

But I believe that Costco's P/E ratio could actually contract because of how expensive it is right now, and this creates downside risk for investors. Don't expect the $1,000 mark to be met in 2024. And for investors who are drawn to the business, it's best to practice patience and wait for a better valuation.

When was Costco last dividend?

Costco Wholesale Corporation's latest ex-dividend date was on February 1, 2024 . The COST stock shareholders received the last dividend payment of $1.02 per share on February 16, 2024 . When is Costco Wholesale Corporation's next dividend payment date?

What stock to buy and hold for 20 years?

7 of the Best Long Term Stocks to Buy and Hold
StockMarket CapitalizationSector
Colgate-Palmolive Co. (CL)$73 billionConsumer staples
Sysco Corp. (SYY)$41 billionConsumer staples
Coca-Cola Co. (KO)$261 billionConsumer staples
S&P Global Inc. (SPGI)$134 billionFinancials
3 more rows
5 days ago

Does Warren Buffett own Costco stock?

But there's one dominant retailer that isn't on the list. It might come as a surprise that legendary investor Warren Buffett doesn't own Costco Wholesale (COST -1.04%) shares. This is even more shocking when you realize his right-hand man, Charlie Munger, is a large shareholder.

Is the owner of Costco Mormon?

Sinegal: I was raised and educated as a Catholic.

How much does Costco CEO make a year?

For Craig Jelinek's final year as Costco CEO, the 71-year-old is going out with a financial bang. Jelinek's base salary for 2023 was $1.1 million, add to that stock awards of nearly $15 million and other compensation, for a total package worth a very respectable $16.8 million, per Costco's most recent proxy filings.

What was Costco's first stock price?

The History of Costco Stock

Costco went public at a price of $10 per share and rose to an all-time closing price high on March 7, 2024, reaching $785.59 per share. The latest closing price, as of the writing of this article, was $734.20 per share. The average price for Costco stock for the last 52 weeks is around $581.

How much debt does Costco stock have?

Total debt on the balance sheet as of November 2023 : $9.34 B. According to Costco's latest financial reports the company's total debt is $9.34 B. A company's total debt is the sum of all current and non-current debts.

How much does it cost to buy Costco stock?

Performance Outlook
Previous Close730.96
Bid693.50 x 100
Ask731.62 x 100
Day's Range730.22 - 734.70
52 Week Range476.75 - 787.08
3 more rows

Why should you invest in Costco stocks?

Costco's stock isn't just near its 52-week high, it's also at all-time highs. Costco's business has experienced significant growth since the start of the pandemic -- it's a go-to retailer for many customers, so it is to be expected that its value will go up.

Why is Costco a strong buy?

It has a differentiated operating model that breeds loyalty and high sales and is resilient during challenging times. Some investors think that Costco stock is too expensive to buy right now, and valuation should certainly be a factor in your investing decisions.

Why is Costco such a good stock?

Costco's strong stock performance is driven by its consistent earnings growth. With a loyal customer base, Costco is the type of company that makes money in any economy.


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