Qdi Training Percipio (2024)

1. Sign into (login) Percipio - Skillsoft Product Documentation

  • Log in with Percipio credentials. On the Let's get started page, enter your Percipio or corporate login name or email. Enter your password. Click Start Learning ...

  • To sign into Percipio, ELSA, or the app you must have:

2. Sign in to your Percipio, Coaching, or Skillport Account - Skillsoft

  • Sign in to continue your learning journey with Skillsoft Percipio or Skillsoft Coaching.

3. Driver Training | Enhance Your Skills for a Successful Career

Driver Training | Enhance Your Skills for a Successful Career

4. QDI Systems: Home

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5. Log in to MyQCI - Quality Carriers

  • Driver Training · QC Advantage · Driver Portal · Electronic Log System · Quality Cares Program · Driver Recognition · Driver Safety · Driver Training. About Us.

6. Introducing Skillsoft Percipio – Your new interactive, personalized ...

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  • With the transition from Skillsoft SkillPort to Skillsoft Percipio, you now have access to a blend of self-paced online courses, books and audio books, hands-on practice and live online bootcamps to

Introducing Skillsoft Percipio – Your new interactive, personalized ...

7. Percipio Training | HACCP Training | Food Safety Culture

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  • Percipio Training is an award-winning global supplier of compliance training. We work in partnership with our clients to create an engaging and inclusive learning experience that promotes a safe and productive workplace.

8. Percipio | DCHR

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  • The DC Department of Human Resources Center for Learning & Development (CLD) online training is a web-based Learning Management System (LMS) that provides access to training resources. The environment is designed to help one develop and enhance professional and personal skills which embark upon the individual; the performance of employees; and the organization.

9. Skillsoft Percipio | Learning & Organization Development

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  • Skillsoft's famous eLearning library of online business videos, books/audio books, practice labs and live webinars is fully integrated into the UC Learning Center as the new Skillsoft Percipio platform, in order to provide navigation to content you want to learn through:

Skillsoft Percipio | Learning & Organization Development

10. Meet Skillsoft Percipio - Global Knowledge

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  • Percipio, Skillsoft’s personalized, immersive, and accessible learning platform, empowers organizations to transform their workforce.

Meet Skillsoft Percipio - Global Knowledge

11. Percipio Frequently Asked Questions - WSU HRS

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  • What best practices should I follow for a smooth training experience and proper credit for an on-demand course?

Qdi Training Percipio (2024)


How do I login to Percipio? ›

The URL is typically: https://sitename.percipio.com, where your sitename is your company name. Check site name validity. Enter your Percipio credentials, Login name or email and password, or your corporate network credentials.

What is percipio training? ›

Skillsoft Percipio is a free online training library that provides access to thousands of video courses, books, audiobooks, certification tools, and practice labs.

What is Skillport called now? ›

Skillsoft Percipio now includes a number of great features for people looking to learn new skills. Percipio allows you to receive personalized recommendations that deliver relevant materials aligned with your interests.

What is soft skills percipio? ›

The AI-driven, online course platform makes skilling personalized and more accessible, enabling organizations to transform the skills of their talent across leadership, tech, and compliance, offering a mix of modes — but without the cost and complexity of managing multiple providers.

Is Percipio free? ›

Whether you're looking to enhance your current skills or learn something new, Percipio has got you covered. CG military and civilian personnel can utilize Percipio's vast library of free online resources, including over 200 structured learning paths and more than 800 curated training channels.

Is Percipio worth it? ›

Percipio great tool for corporate learning

It was easy to integrate and get users trained on the system. The reminder function works really well when sending notifications to large groups. There is a great selection of content that is versatile and easy to access. Some of the content is outdated.

What is the difference between Skillsoft and Percipio? ›

One is the parent company of the other. In short, Skillsoft created Percipio to extend its virtual training services and be able to give companies more opportunities for training their employees. Though they serve a similar purpose, you can say that Percipio is an extension of Skillsoft, a more specialized product.

Can I get certified on Percipio? ›

If you have completed a course within Percipio that is certified for one of the above mentioned accreditation programs, you can request an official certificate through our Certificate Request form. You must achieve at least a 70% score within the course.

What is replacing percipio? ›

It's recommended that all courses be completed by February 28th, 2024 to receive credit for completed training. At this time, there is no known platform that will be replacing Percipio. Any badges and certificates earned for courses should be saved as they also won't be accessible anymore.

Is Percipio going away? ›

The Army E-Learning platform Percipio, formerly Skillport, will sunset February 29th, 2024 due to a…

Is Skillsoft percipio an LMS? ›

Even though Skillsoft does not have a dedicated integration for your Learning Management System (LMS), we can still provide a great content experience for your learners and administrators. Your people can find, consume, and learn from Skillsoft's expansive digital library of courses, videos, and books.

What companies use Percipio? ›

Companies using Skillsoft Percipio Platform for Learning and Development include: FedEx, a United States based Transportation organisation with 328000 employees and revenues of $90.16 billion, Accenture, a Ireland based Professional Services organisation with 743000 employees and revenues of $64.11 billion, Wesco, a ...

Is Percipio a SaaS? ›

Percipio is a SaaS learning experience platform. It provides for three points of integration. You can integrate at any one point or integrate at all three depending on your current learning eco-system configuration.

Are Skillsoft courses recognised? ›

Skillsoft is an approved IIBA™ Endorsed Education Provider for CBAP®, Provider #E48315.

How do I login to the Skillsoft app? ›

Once you open the app, you will want to select Sign In. The app will then ask for the Skillport Site Name. The easiest way to determine the site name is to look at the URL for your Skillport site. For Example, if the site you access is https://test.skillport.com then the site name would be "test".

How to download Percipio? ›

Install via the Google Play Store
  1. Ensure you have a Google account on your device, then launch the Google Play Store app.
  2. In the search box, enter Percipio.
  3. Tap Install.

Is Skillsoft Percipio worth it? ›

Likeliness to Recommend

It's super simple to work your way around the dashboard. Most of the courses are high value. Utilizes a good algorithm to recommend courses to you. Skillsoft is learner-focused and will give you real value from their courses, everyone should try it.

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